Customer Reviews

Great site, I appreciate the customer service, they’re very  kind and fast. Got my package delivered as soon as possible and I appreciate the team for that.. Thanks once more, love y’all

Sams Scotfield / Los Angeles - California

Getting an authentic and legit vendor is all about luck. I appreciate getting to meet Herbal Incense Empire. They’re so safe to work with and 100% legit and reliable. I appreciate y’all.

James Carter / Illinois - Chicago

100% authentic. Placed an order and got it delivered real quick and I appreciate them for that. keep up the good work guys

Andy Guscott / Google

That feeling of getting what you order is a true blessing especially after being scammed numerous times. They got a fast and reliable customer service available 24/7 and always willing to answer questions. Y’all merit the 5 star, keep winning guys.

Derrick Sharp / Franktown - Colorado

Placed an order but it took more than the given time to get to me. Y’all are legit but quite slow with the deliveries. Work on your delivery service and you will keep having a faithful client willing to spend more than $1000 weekly with you.. But thanks I received my package tho

Rick Steward / Greensburg - Los Angeles

The most legit site I’ve seen so far. I appreciate your work man and really love your products, they’re extremely good and strong. Currently high asf while typing my review LOL 🙂 Keep the good work man, y’all are the real plugs

Edward Coleman / San Antonio - Texas

No scams, quick response time and amazing delivery service. Appreciate that and please keep up the good work. Getting the gallon of liquid k2 anytime soon.

Mike Ahlbeck / Brooklyn Park - Minnesota

Gracias por mi envío internacional que me llegó muy rápido. Todos ustedes son el verdadero negocio, espero hacer más negocios con ustedes en el futuro.

El Rico Santadar / Venezuela - Valencia

Great site with amazing customer service, always available 24/7 and I appreciate the variety of payment methods you provide to your clients making payment easy and fast. Keep the good work going and y’all already have a loyal client..

Emily Park / Houston - Texas

The k2 sheet I ordered was so awesome, y’all supply the real stuff and am so glad to be able to benefit from this. Keep the work up man, giving y’all your 5 star, you merit it

Coleman Grey / Bristol- England

Awesome site with product varieties. Received my product on time and at a great discount rate. Got my product on time but not giving you guys your 5 star cause of the slow response time but thanks anyway…

George Jackson / Delcity- OK

Received my package and that’s all what matters to me, I appreciate y’all

Rodney Scott / Dublin - Virginia